How to Get Along With & Thrive With A Jealous Person


Ignore the jealousy and act as though you have been friends with them or in their family forever. I know that this may seem like a difficult thing to do, but once you start, you may find it a lot easier to act friendly than to copy the other person's jealousy. You may forget that the other person is jealous altogether.


Have honest and open opinions about subjects that matter. Be open and honest about some of your beliefs and opinions about world or your country's or community's events. This will help move you away from the central point which is tension caused by jealousy, and into more neutral areas.


Be yourself. Ten to 1 you are not a jealous person. All the jealous person has done is threatened your identity a little. Resolve to just be your natural self and not let the jealous feelings invade your identity. You may be surprised, if the other person follows your lead for a change.


Ignore snide or rude comments. Don't pay any attention to mischievous comments made by the other party. Let them melt into the air. Turn a deaf ear to them and breathe a deep silent breath. Relax the tension away, so that your stress level does not go up. There is no sense in getting angry over the right to free speech. There is nothing that you can do about it.


Avoid talking badly about others. Jealous people don't need the practice. If you have a problem with someone, then don't air it within hearing range of a jealous person. Keep the conversation either pleasant or filled with news, political or community events. Another reason to avoid this type of conversation is that the person may start conversating badly about you with others. You never know.


Always try to part ways on good terms. Keep the good byes up beat and say something like, "I am looking forward to seeing you again.", or "We can talk some more next time. It was fun.". This type of parting comment leaves a positive note in the mind of the jealous person.

Do you have a jealous person or relative or two in your life? Here are some ways to live with them and around them, and maybe thrive as well.