How to Make Choices to Treat Your Body Like a Temple


Love yourself: A healthy self esteem is key to treating your body well. You deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, love, kindness, compassion. Don't allow others to mistreat you. It starts in the mind. You must believe in yourself and your abilities. We all have something great to contribute in this life. Don't allow others negativity to be projected onto you. That is their hang up, something they need to deal with. Often people like this are so miserable that they have to focus on someone else by putting them down. Treat yourself with respect as the mind is the opening to the temple, that is your body.


What you eat, you are! Be careful what kind of food you put in your body. Food is to nourish your body, keep it healthy and running good so you can live a long, prosperous life. Yes we all enjoy food and so much is centered around food, but learn and really grasp the concept that what you put in your body, has an effect on how you feel, look and your longevity.


Destress your life. Stress is a huge dark cloud that can destroy a person's health and life. Learn to let things go, don't sweat the small stuff. When you look back on years gone by, you will realize some things that you stressed out over, were really not something you should have stressed over. Learn to "go within" and calm yourself during stressful situations. Take deep breaths, try meditation, exercise, try talking it over with a friend or family member. Talking will help you get it out of your system and release that toxic energy. Toxic/stressful energy can cause illness and can even cut your life short. Treat your body like the beautiful temple it is.

Our bodies are temples and we should all treat them that way. Here I will list ways that you can learn to treat your body like a temple.