How to Use eHow to Boost Self Esteem


Learn more about eHow by clicking on the link below.


Join eHow by following a few easy steps. The other link below is the page for registering on eHow. Don't forget to sign up for the monetary program. A penny made is a penny made and is a nice side to the boost to self esteem.


Now start writing. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged by the small monetary compensation in the beginning but in this case it is the value to the self esteem that is of importance. As more articles are written the mind will start to think of even more interesting things to write about. Everybody knows how to do something...


Now start reading. There are so many different topics and so many different writing styles on eHow. There will be something for everybody. While reading make comments on other articles. Be positive with the comments. If a comment would be taken as negative or just constructive criticism write an email message instead of putting it where everyone can see. Be kind with constructive criticism, everyone is learning.


Make new friends. Every day or whenever you are online at eHow add at least one new friend. Read their article, rate and comment. They will do the same for you. As you watch the number of friends, comments and ratings increase - the boost to self esteem will also increase. With a little boost in self esteem you will find that you can move forward on other life projects and get motivated again.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be positive in your comments.
  • Keep writing, after a few months it is amazing how it all starts to multiply even the money.
  • Think of the money as incidental. The other benefits of learning and having a platform to write, plus the boost to self esteem, is invaluable.
  • Don't give up even if other articles are written on the same subject. There are many different ways to view a project and all contributions are of value.
  • Don't plagiarize but if it is a subject you know well and want to write about go ahead with a different angle.
  • When the going gets tough and it seems like nobody really is interested in what you have to say, there is a simple remedy. At eHow there are lots of regular people just like you out there who have something they would like to share. Supporting others in their writing for eHow will bring many rewards. Writing and sharing eHow tips and knowledge will generate comments that will help to get you out of a rut. Here is how to use eHow to boost self esteem.