Self Help for Anxiety & Paranoia


Hit the bookstore and so some research into your anxiety disorder. The most important thing to do is to understand what exactly is making you anxious. Understand whether it is something in the environment, some sort of biological condition, or a combination of the two that is leading to your negative thinking. Be sure to get several books on cognitive therapy and read through them carefully.


Exercise releases endorphins which make the body feel good. They also make the mind more relaxed and focused. Exercising three or more times per week is important for anyone suffering from any mental illness or anxiety disorder.

Eat Right

Eating right can help you feel better. You should avoid highly-processed food with synthetic additives and artificial colors. You should eat a lot of fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. Sugary snacks and fast food can cause anxiety and negative thinking. They cause the blood sugar to spike and release insulin, which the brain burns, producing the feeling of anxiety.

Support Group

Join a support group for people with anxiety disorders. A Google search will find you some in your area. Finding a group of friends who you can talk to about these problems can be a lot of help. Also, they can give you tips on possible remedies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most important step to getting better. It is the now the gold standard for treatment for anxiety disorders. It also helps with other mental illnesses. CBT teaches you to go through your mind and replace your anxious, negative thinking with positive, beneficial thinking. Start a CBT program; you can find plenty of them in books. Work your way through the program, and by the end, you may feel a lot better. You can do many things today to help yourself with anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses. In the last 20 years, treatment options have broadened from the typical psychologists and medications to a more holistic approach, encompassing your whole life. If you put some effort in, you are bound to reduce stress levels and anxiety.