Bleach for Nail Fungus


Parasitic organisms called dermatophytes cause nail fungus. Nails provide a safe and protective place for fungus to thrive, which makes it difficult to treat once it moves in under the nail. Bleach combats fungus by creating an environment that stifles growth.


Symptoms that your nails may have fungus include flakes, chipping, discoloration, and a foul odor. The nails often are thick and separated from the nail bed.


Bleach is a hazardous chemical that is corrosive and can damage exposed skin while bleaching the infected area. If you use bleach as a nail fungal remedy, dilute the bleach and avoid inhaling the fumes.


Treating nail fungus with bleach is not a quick task. Set aside about an hour for daily foot-soaking. Properly diluting bleach and careful handling can prevent damage to your skin, floor or furniture. Bleach is not a penetrating solution, so to rid your nails of fungus you'll eventually need a remedy that will penetrate the nail and kill the fungus within the nailbed.


Prevent nail fungus by washing feet regularly, keeping feet dry, wearing shoes in public places and wearing properly fitted shoes.