Cherry Stone for Pain Relief

Create a Cherry Stone Pillow

"Cherry stones have three times the heat capacity and a much lower conductivity than pebbles," writes Mary A. Piccard for, "Gravel may warm up fast, but it cools off." It is this heat retention that makes a cherry stone pillow ideal for muscle and joint pain relief.

To make a cherry stone pillow at home requires 30 to 40lbs of whole, ripe cherries. Once the flesh is eaten (or disposed off) the stones must be cleaned and dried. Place the stones in a large pan, then set the pan in the kitchen sink. Submerge all of the stones in cold water for an hour before rubbing the stones by hand get rid of any excess pulp. This process may have to be repeated several times before the stones are completely free of debris.

Take the cleaned stones in their pan, and place it on the stove. Allow the stones, still submerged in water, to simmer for a quarter of an hour on low heat. Drain the hot water from the pan and submerge the stones in cold water to get rid of any remaining pulp. Check the seeds over, making sure they are even colored and allow them to dry on paper towels.

To make the pillow case for the cherry stones use a durable material like denim or other fabric that won't melt when exposed to heat. Do not use synthetic cloth for the pillow case. The pieces of fabric should be the same size and sewn at every end but one. Pour the dried cherry stones into the opening of the pillow case and sew up the remaining hole. Warm the pillow in an oven or microwave to allow the stones to absorb heat. Retention should last through the night and provide great ease of muscle pain and joint soreness.