Chinese Herbs for Gallbladder Flush

Gold Coin Grass

Gold Coin Grass is typically taken in a tincture form, which is thought to be more effective than tablets or teas. Gold Coin Grass is said to soften or crush the gallstones and is often used as the first step to a more thorough flush.

Chinese Bitters

Chinese Bitters are believed to stimulate and cleanse the liver, preparing the liver and gallbladder to be flushed. Chinese Bitters should not be used if you suffer from acid reflux, as it may aggravate the condition.

Time Frame

After preparing the body, a specific diet and regimen must be followed for the actual flush. This can include fasting and ingesting a quantity of olive oil and lemon juice over several hours or days. Some flushing remedies take up to three days to complete and require you to stay at home where you will have easy access to a bathroom.


If you are experiencing a gallbladder attack or other acute gallbladder symptoms, you should not attempt a gallbladder flush. Gallstones that become lodged in your bile duct can cause serious health risks, and surgery may be required to remove them.

Expert Insight

A single gallbladder flushing is not enough to cleanse the system of gallstones. Up to four flushes may be needed to remove the stones that linger toward the back of the gallbladder.