Colloidal Silver & Kidney Infections


Doctors commonly used colloidal silver in the 19th century to treat colds, epilepsy and infections.


Kidney infection sufferers are advised to take between two and four tablespoons of colloidal silver each day for up to two weeks.

Kidney Infection Benefits

According to a 1996 Vegetarian Times article, colloidal silver's anti-bacterial properties function like a natural antibiotic, providing relief to sufferers of infections including staph, strep, prostate and sinus infections. In addition, colloidal silver manufacturers claim that it treats various infections in the body, including kidney infections.


Medical professionals question the effectiveness of colloidal silver for treating kidney infections or other conditions. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's website notes that silver is a non-essential mineral that serves no physiological function in the human body.


The FDA has issued a consumer advisory linking the ingestion of colloidal silver with a condition known as agyria, which results in an irreversible blue-grey discoloration of the skin.