Colloidal Silver in the Treatment of Prostatitis

What is Colloidal Silver?

Though asserts that benefits of colloidal silver have not turned up in any medical research journals, many people choose to use colloidal silver due to what they believe are its natural antiseptic properties. Colloidal silver has no taste or odor, is non-toxic, and is a natural substance made up of sub-microscopic clusters of silver particles (suspended by an electric charge in each particle) in a suitable liquid. When taken in moderation, according to the findings of Dr. Duarte, colloidal silver is a powerful tool for the immune system; the silver kills harmful disease-causing organisms and assists in healing.

Colloidal Silver as Prostatitis Treatment

Colloidal silver is presently being used as an alternative treatment for many diseases. According to Dr. Duarte's findings as explained on, colloidal silver can promote healing while it destroys bacteria that constantly enters the human body. The article states, "it is like receiving an artificial immune system until ours is strong enough to do the job." According to Discovery News, colloidal silver "co-mingles with the blood" and enters cells to find harmful organisms, suffocate them and kill then within six minutes after contact as studied and confirmed by tests at UCLA Medical Lab; colloidal silver disables the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria have and depend on for oxygen metabolism. Dr. Duarte cited prostate enlargement and bladder infections, among many other conditions, as treatable by colloidal silver.

How to Take

Though many manufacturers of colloidal silver suggest between one teaspoon and one tablespoon daily to maintain health, a doctor will be able to best instruct you on the particular dosage for the treatment of prostatitis. Since different conditions call for different treatment, speaking with a homeopathic doctor, a naturopathic doctor, or a supplement professional about the dose for prostatitis is your best option. Dosage information will be provided on the bottle but may not be targeted toward particular conditions.

Where to Buy

Colloidal silver comes in liquid form, generally in a pour bottle or spray bottle to be taken internally, or sprayed on the affected area. Online retailers as well as health food stores and whole foods stores carry colloidal silver. The price range is wide dependent upon whether the colloidal silver is mass-produced or produced by an individual.


Store colloidal silver in dark places and avoid extreme temperatures. Since colloidal silver is an alternative remedy, perform necessary research to be sure you are buying a pure form. Though providers of colloidal silver assert there are no side effects, the medical field claims colloidal silver can cause a grey cast to the skin, and according to, seizures and other neurological problems, kidney damage and skin irritation.