Easy Ways to Make a Vaporizer

What You Need

Simple ways to make a vaporizer call for simple household materials. You will need a clear light bulb, a plain bottle with a plastic or metal cap, two bendable plastic straws, an empty plastic pen, a sharp knife and electrical or duct tape. Use a 100-watt light bulb if possible, rather than the 40- or 60-watt varieties. Bulbs with higher wattage provide more heat-resisting properties than those with lower wattage; additionally, glass tubes are preferable to plastic straws because they won't melt. Ideally, a cap of a 0.5-liter (16 fl. oz.) bottle fits perfectly in the end of the light bulb. You also need a piece of sandpaper, a small wrench or pliers and a glue gun.

How To Do It

Cut off the lower part of the light bulb with a knife and sand off the sharp metal edges.
Remove the filaments and all contents of the light bulb using a small wrench or break them out with a pair of pliers.
Unscrew the bottle cap and try to fit it in the metal portion of the light bulb. It's better to use a slightly bigger cap than a smaller one; however, if the cap is too big, you need to fix it using electrical or duct tape. Moreover, using a large bottle cap will require you to tape it repeatedly every time you fill or empty the vaporizer.
Make two holes in the cap using a sharp, pointed knife.
Cut the straws to the right size using scissors. If you prefer to use glass tubes, break them to the desired length with a wrench. Use fine sand paper to smooth out rough edges.
Put two plastic straws or one glass tube into one of the holes to create a mouthpiece, then put the empty pen into the other hole to act as an intake tube.
Before using the apparatus the first time, rinse it with cold water to remove glass and dust left inside.


Instead of putting just the cap over the end of the light bulb, take the bottle from which the cap came and cut the upper part with the thread for the cap. Ensure the bottle's neck fits well over the light bulb's screw part and secure it with a glue gun. Put some duct tape or electrical tape around the seal to insulate the glass.
Use nylon mesh over the mouthpiece to act as a filter to keep particles out. You can use a fine screen like the ones used on doors or windows.