Explanation of the Detox Foot Bath

The Claim

Detox foot baths like Ionic Detoxification, Aqua Chi, and Bionic Hydrotherapy claim to use electromagnetic forces conducted in waves--sometimes ionic waves--through water. Supposedly, through the foot, they enhance the body's energy force or chi--and the body then releases toxin via reflexology channels. The exiting toxins purportedly show as the water turns dark brown.

The Reality

An investigative report by British newspaper The Guardian Unlimited unveiled the secrets behind the brown water. The water corrodes the electrodes of the "ionic" device, which rusts. As the rust releases into the water, it turns brown. Salt from the feet, or any salts in the water, can accelerate this process and turn the water even browner.

According to popular health guru Dr. Andrew Weil, a foot bath cannot detoxify the body or re-balance cellular energy.

Real Detoxification

If detoxification is a real concern or goal of yours, it may be best to consult an informed specialist before choosing a method or product. Many physicians believe in and will support a patient in detoxification. If you're not sure a traditional, allopathic physician will have the approach you want, seek out a qualified naturopathic doctor who can guide you through real and clinically proven ways to detox.