Flowers for Meditation

Flowers often have strong volatile oils that give them a potent fragrance. For centuries, these fragrances have been distilled to extract the aroma, making essential oils out of them. Essential oils have a powerful effect on our mood because they trigger our brain directly through the sense of smell. For this reason, essential oils from flowers can aid the practice of meditation by using their scent to reach relaxation and clarity.


Lavender essential oil is a relaxing and calming oil with anti-depressant and sedative properties. It is also a nervine, since it tones and strengthens the nervous system. The fragrance of the oil works by relieving depression, nervous exhaustion and tension from the body. For these reasons, it is also useful in treating migraines and insomnia. To use this essential oil for meditation, place a few drops of the oil in a vaporizer, to infuse the air with lavender's calming properties. It can also be used directly on the skin for a stronger effect on the nervous system. Place a few drops on your chest, then inhale slowly and deeply until you feel a calming sensation.


Of the 700 different varieties of geraniums, only 10 have a viable amount of essential oil that can be extracted. Geranium essential oil helps balance emotions and thoughts. The fragrance of geranium stimulates the adrenal cortex, which, in turn, activates the lymphatic system and balances hormones in the body. For this reason, geranium is an uplifting oil that relieves anxiety and stress. It is a good idea to blend a few drops of this oil with a carrier oil such as almond or castor oil to create a massage oil that can be applied on the chest and neck before the practice of meditation.


Pure jasmine essential oil is rare to find and is an exquisite and valuable remedy for soothing the entire body. Although jasmine oil helps with depression and with calming the nervous system, it is not a sedative. On the contrary, jasmine essential oil is a powerful revitalizing agent, which creates a feeling of optimism and euphoria, and restores the body's energy. For this reason, it has the potential of relieving pain while clearing the mind, which is useful when performing a meditative practice. Jasmine oil works well when used with a vaporizer or it can also be added to a hot bathtub.