Herbal Remedies for Tribulus Terrestris


Tribulus terrestris is native to southern Asia, southern Europe, Africa and even some parts of Australia. The plant performs best in warm temperatures in tropical locations, though it is a hardy plant that can also grow well in hot desert climates with poor quality soil. Cultivation of the plant has been successful in America, but is most often viewed as a nuisance due to its quick, wide-spread growth.

Medicinal Uses

Tribulus terrestris is most often prescribed for helping to improve sex drive. In both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, tribulus was used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. For women, the vine may increase libido and stimulate sexual desire. Tribulus can also increase libido for men, though it is most often prescribed for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction.

In recent years, tribulus terrestris has gained popularity among body builders for use as a performance aid. Since the extract of the plant is believed to help raise the levels of testosterone in the body, use of this remedy may help increase body muscle and strength.


Tribulus terrestris is taken in capsule form and dosages of the supplement can vary. A common dosage for the supplement is to take a low dose capsule of 85 to 250 mg, three times a day with your meals.

Tribulus is also available in higher dose capsules, including 450 to 650 mg. These capsules are generally only taken once or twice a day with food. Before taking tribulus terrestris as a supplement, ask your caretaker what dosage they would recommend and note any negative effects you may experience that could require a dosage adjustment.


Women that are pregnant or are nursing should not take tribulus terrestris, nor should women that may become pregnant. Those individuals with prostate or breast cancer, diseases which can impact hormone conditions, should also not use tribulus, even after cancer treatment has ceased.

There have been some incidents of men experiencing gynaecomastia, a condition which increases the size of the male breast. Most individuals will experience no adverse reactions from taking a tribulus terrestris supplement, though some may experience a mild upset stomach. Generally, this side effect is easily remedied by consuming the supplements with food rather than on an empty stomach.