Herbs for Eye Wash

Herbal homemade eyewashes are a great natural alternative to treating many eye problems. Whether it be cloudiness of the eye or even allergy-related issues, making an eyewash at home is a simple and easy answer to treating your eye problems. Learn a little bit about what herbs are best in order to help yourself the next time you have an eye issue.


Eyebright is a popular and effective herb to use for numerous eye problems such as redness, itchiness or allergy problems. Make this simple eyewash by boiling a cup of distilled water with a teaspoon of eyebright for ten to fifteen minutes, then thoroughly strain the liquid through clean pantyhose or a coffee filter and allow it to cool.


To freshen your eyes, you can also try using rosewater as an eyewash. To make rosewater, take half a cup of rinsed-off rose petals and put them into a cup of boiled distilled water that's just been removed from the heat. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes then strain as you would the eyebright wash.

Barberry Root

Another way to clear up any film or itchiness in your eyes is to try barberry root, which can treat mild infection. Boil a barberry root in a cup and a half of water for about fifteen minutes. Strain thoroughly and allow to cool before use.

Green Tea

Green tea is another herbal remedy that is effective in treating irritation of the eyes. Simply brew a cup of pure green tea and mix it with half a cup of water, then allow to cool. You can even use the tea bags as a compress to treat puffiness around the eyes.


Chamomile can also be used to treat infection and irritation of the eye. Take two teaspoons of dried chamomile and boil them with about two cups of water for fifteen minutes. Strain and allow mixture to cool before use. You can also drink this mixture as well to help you relax and release any stress.