Holistic Treatment of Swollen Knees


If the swelling lingers longer than 48 hours and the pain is intense, visit a doctor.


Holistic treatments can be very effective for inflammation as an alternative for people who are wary of the long-term effects and dependency issues associated with anti-inflammatory medications.


Magnesium phosphoricum and matricaria recutita are both beneficial in treating swollen knees thanks to their potent anti-inflammatory properties. Both are regarded for their soothing effect on easing muscle aches and stiff joints.

Deep Healing

Arnica helps encourage the healing of connective tissue, cartilage and bones. Dulcamara is another effective anti-inflammatory used frequently in the treatment of arthritis.

Pain Relief

Bryonia and berberis relieve inflamed joints and their accompanying pain. Rhus tox, another homeopathic ingredient, works at alleviating pain and stiffness and promotes the healing of fibrous tissue, tendons and joints.


Be kind to your knees. Lose weight if you are overweight, wear comfortable and well-fitted shoes, find alternatives to running or other pounding activities and stretch the muscles in and around the knees.