How Do I Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils?


Add aromatherapy essential oils to a warm bath. The scents will sooth your mind as the warm water soothes your muscles.


Add four or five drops to a spray bottle filled with water. Spray over your skin to cool yourself. The oil will release its scent as it evaporates. The water can also be sprayed as an air freshener.


Blend five drops of essential oil with five milliliters of either rubbing alcohol or vodka. Dab on to the skin like perfume. As the alcohol evaporates, it leaves the scented oil behind. Try layering an alcohol-based application following a water-based application.


Blend aromatherapy oil with unscented lotion, using a ratio of 2 to 5 percent oil. Apply as you would any lotion, such for massage, to soften your skin during the day or to re-administer the desired scent. Cream-based applications can be layered with water- and alcohol-based applications of scented oils.