How to Become an Herb Distributor Online


Call your closest Small Business Administration and make an appointment. Ask about business training courses and other useful information they may offer. Let them know you need help preparing a business plan and get information regarding small business loans designed for entrepreneurs.


Take as many courses as you can regarding business administration, distribution, customer service, finance and business taxes. This will mark the difference for your business in terms of professionalism and service, as well as successful administration of income and inventory.


Research suppliers for the specific herbs you want to distribute. Consider local farmers practicing organic farming. Consider starting off with a focus on herbs available in a specific geographic region or other niches like exotic or culinary herbs. Make note of each supplier's prices.


Do extensive research on other on-line herb distributors and their prices. Compare the prices you got from the suppliers you contacted and see if you are able to price your herbs within market range. If the price margin permits, you may even consider offering a lower price to more quickly promote and establish your business.


Gather all your information and create a comprehensive order form. You will also need to generate promotional text on your business and product descriptions.


Hire a web designer to put your information on a site. Work with the designer to create the look and feel you want. If you have a logo, make sure it appears on every page of your site. You may also open an account with on-line stores such as Ebay to sell your herbs without having to design your own website.


Contact all the stores you think may want to purchase your herbs. You may also print fliers to post on bulletin boards of health food stores. Print business cards for friends and family and for inclusion in orders you fill and with invoices.


Order a large amount of herbs to have in stock and store them in a dry, cool area. Always keep your supply well stocked and fresh.


Provide outstanding customer service. Ship in a timely manner, promptly respond to email inquiries and provide quality herbs at good prices.

Tips and Warnings

  • File your taxes each year and keep all financial records straight. You want to avoid any problems with the IRS.