How to Block Negative Energy From Other People


Everything is energy and is vibrating at a frequency. When you are blissful with joy, your frequency is vibrating very high. You feel very good and upbeat. However, when you have hatred inside your heart, your frequency is vibrating very low. People with these frequencies attract others with the same frequencies. This is why we say like attracts like.

Therefore, when you get a bad vibe from a person, they are not on the same frequency as you. This is letting you know that you are not a good match or you should watch out for this person. Listen closely to your inner guidance. Do this without fear and prejudice.

Negative people will become aware immediately of your energy. Some won't like it and will avoid you. Others become envy of your joy and would try to destroy your happiness.


People who emanate negativity will reject or vamp anything that is positive. These people love to be miserable and will go out of their way to make others miserable. They enjoy causing conflict and chaos. This is how they thrive. They will drain your energy by leaving you miserable and depleted.

One way of blocking negativity from other people is to surround yourself with the white light and by extending out love. Visualize the white light circling around your body. Focus on love. Remember love conquers all.


Learn how to be proactive instead of reactive. Learn how to handle situations without lowering yourself or without engaging into conflict. Leave a situation if it is getting out of hand. This will block negative energy that is directed towards you. Negative people enjoy pushing other people buttons. This is how they get their power by taking yours away. Deal with the situation proactively.


Use kindness and happiness to bring in positive energy. This will shock negative people because they are not use to anyone being kind when they are down right devious. Some will even change and become positive because of your actions.


Use herbs, citrus, crystals, and salt to help rid or block negativity.

Sage is very good in dispelling negativity left by people and negative entities in rooms. You can use sage smudge stick, sage incenses, or sage itself.

Some crystals are very powerful in dispelling negative energy. Have one or two at your desk. You can also wear crystal jewelry. This will keep the negativity out of your office or work area and from your auric space. Find the crystal that is right for you, like quartz crystals.

Orange or citrus also dispels or block negativity from entering into your space.

Salt is also known to dispel negativity.
Focus your thoughts on positivity or good things.


Keep your contact with the negative people to a minimum. If you have to work with them, follow the steps above. Do not let them into your inner circle or personal life. Do not go out to lunch with them unless it's business. Keep everything on a professional level.

Tips and Warnings

  • Follow these tips to block negative energy from people.
  • Do not tolerate abuse. If you are abused or mistreated, leave and find somewhere safe.