How to Bring Down High Blood Pressure with Natural Remedies


Take the salt shaker off the table. Sodium is the main dietary contributor to high blood pressure. Use non-sodium seasoning blends that combine herbs and spices to give your food more flavor.


Buy lean cuts of meat and limit your meat consumption. Vegetarians do not experience high blood pressure as much as meat eaters do. If you must eat meat, trim away all the fat before cooking and bake or grill the meat, don't fry it.


Give up alcohol and cigarettes. Nicotine causes your blood vessels to narrow, increasing the force with which your heart must pump the blood to your body and tissues. Two or fewer alcoholic drinks per day may not be harmful, but they aren't beneficial, either.


Close your eyes and imagine your favorite outdoor spot when you feel stressed out. Anxiety plays a role in raising your blood pressure. Learn to relax. Take yoga class or learn to meditate.


Start an exercise routine, but not weight lifting. The strain of lifting heavy weights may cause your blood pressure to temporarily skyrocket. Try swimming, walking or riding a bike.

Tips and Warnings

  • See your doctor for regular check ups and blood pressure tests. High blood pressure is the silent killer. Once diagnosed, you must stay abreast of your progress.