How to Detoxify your Body with Dry Brushing


Purchase a medium to coarse natural boar bristle brush or similar exfoliating body brush. Natural living centers, some super stores, beauty supply, and other places that sell specialty bath products carry brushes to detoxify your body by skin brushing. These brushes come with a strap handle or with short or long handles for hard to reach areas.


Begin short upward brush strokes on the inside of one leg above the ankle. Continue strokes up to inner thigh. Return to lower leg and brush the front, back and outside of the leg. Always stroke up towards the heart. Repeat on the other leg.


Use a longer handled body brush to stroke up over the buttocks and the back as best you can. Self application of dry brushing on the back is difficult to do and needn't be perfect.


Apply gentle, short, upward and diagonal strokes towards the heart with a shorter or strap handled brush over the abdomen.


Brush downward and diagonally from the top of the shoulders, over the chest (being careful of sensitive breast tissue), towards the center of the chest.


Use gentle brush strokes up the inside of the arm from the wrist towards the armpit. Return and do the back of the arm the same way. Repeat on the other arm.


Complete the process to detoxify your body by using the palm of your hand to carefully press 3 or 4 times inward in the armpits, at the leg creases (where they attach to the body), and over the navel area to gently pump the lymph glands and encourage drainage from the areas previously dry brushed. This compression can be done on skin or through clothing.


Drink one or two 8 ounce glasses of water after a dry brushing routine or any detoxification protocol.

Tips and Warnings

  • Many brushes have a detachable handle to transition from easy to hard to reach places.
  • Start with very gentle pressure at first and as the body becomes used to it, increase brush pressure.
  • Lymph drainage compression is not necessary but is a helpful adjunct.
  • Boar bristle brushes may be too rough for sensitive skin. Loofah or a softer bristled brush may be substituted.