How to Distill Oil From Eucalyptus Leaves


Put the eucalyptus leaves into the crock pot.


Pour oil on top of the leaves. The ratio of herbs to oil should be somewhere around one-quarter of an ounce of eucalyptus to 1 cup of oil. It all depends on how much you want to make.


Turn the crock pot on low heat and let cook for four to eight hours, stirring occasionally with the designated spoon. Any spoon will work for this process, but if you plan on making your own essential oils frequently, then you will want to designate a spoon specifically for this process. Designating a crock pot for this purpose is also a good idea, but not necessary.


Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth and put the strained mixture into the jar.


Seal and store the jar. This is your eucalyptus essential oil, use as desired.

Tips and Warnings

  • Eucalyptus is great for decongesting head and chest colds. Put some into a hot bath and breathe in the fumes. Also, soak your feet in hot water and eucalyptus oil. This will also open up your sinuses and help you to feel better.
  • Clean your crock pot immediately after making an essential oil. Rid your crock pot of strong odors with a splash of white vinegar. Scrub it around in your pot and then follow with a mild dish soap.