How to Fight the Anxiety Disorder with Herbs


Valerian has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is sedative that helps calm down people who are restless or stressed out. Also valerian has been popular natural painkiller. Being pretty successful in soothing anxiety attacks, the herb has been compared to anti-anxiety medications. Other positive side is that it is not addictive in comparison to often prescribed meds.


Lavender. That beautiful flower is more known for its aroma rather than its calming properties. Lavender is used to calm down the anxiety attack in people with light to moderate anxiety disorder. It is also a sedative and blood purifier. In addition, lavender has been known to improve sleep quality.


Passion flower. There are few studies that link the passion flower to decreased insomnia symptoms and other disorders that affect the nervous system. It has calming effect and can improve sleep. Usually it is recommended to be taken in the form of teas or liquid extracts.


St. Johns Wort. This very popular herb has been widely used by people trying to cope with their anxiety problems. It also has anti-depressant effect due to its ingredient hypericin that directly goes to the nervous system. Some people share that that herb could be rather strong to a point that make them drowsy. Always consult the dose with your doctor or professional!