How to Get Rid of Finger and Toenail Fungus


Keep your nails short and avoid the use of fingernail polish. Doing so will help to keep water and dirt out from under the nail.


Massage tea tree oil all over the affected area. Do not dilute the tee tree oil; just apply it as is.


Change up your diet. Eat more foods with probiotics in them. Also add more green vegetables to your diet.


Use Alpha Hydroxy Acid on your feet to prevent dead skin build up which can cause Toenail fungus.


You can also soak your nails in mouthwash. The antibacterial properties it contains are beneficial in fighting against nail fungus.


Be sure to always where clean cotton socks and add a small spoon full of boric acid to your shoes before slipping your feet in them. You might even want to get new shoes and toss the old ones. The fungus could be inside of your shoes as well.