How to Have More Winter Health And Energy


Try to go to bed early each night and wake up early to get a jump on your day. Aim for 8 hours of quality, undisturbed sleep. Try walking or stretching before you get in bed to get more sleep.


Avoid unneeded stress in your life and complications that bring about negative emotion. They will drain you of your energy levels. This is not good as you naturally have less energy in the winter anyways.


Eat more warming and nutritious foods in the winter like soups and hot, hearty meals. These foods are best for the winter months. Eat more fruits and vegetables as well.


Drink more warming tea during the cold months. This will do wonders for your body and can help you prevent colds and sickness. It will also warm up your kidney and adrenal system which can have health benefits.


Be sure to dress warmly and focus especially on warming your core. The core is the powerhouse of your body and keeping it warm will have extreme health and immunity benefits for your body.

Tips and Warnings

  • These tips will help you stay healthy during the winter months.