How to Help Correct Feet Problems


Determine what type of foot problem is causing pains and discomfort. Flat feet are normally associated with pain or fatigue in an arch, heel, knee leg or lower back. There are also foot pains that are associated with the heel that may cause aching burning or pain that occurs upon standing or walking. Dr. Scholl's has recently added Foot Mapping Technology™ that identifies the areas of the foot and recommends products that fit the design of your foot problems.


Visit Dr. Scholl's foot mapping website, in the upper section of the site under the site menu, you will find the "Find a Dr.Scholl's® Custom Fit™ Orthotics" search area. Type in your zip code and you should get a return of machines in your area. Normally you will find these machines in your local Wal-Mart stores.


There are other problems that may be identified and associated with corns, calluses & bunions. Foot order and perspiration may also cause problems. Although these problems may not cause a great deal of pain but these problems also will need to be addressed. Visit your local drug store, find products that are associated with the problem that you are having and the pharmacist could assist you as well.

Tips and Warnings

  • Foot spas are great after long hours on your feet
  • Hand held foot massages help relieve tension and pains
  • Some problems are needed to be address by visiting a foot Dr.
  • Do not personally try to cut corns, calluses & bunions