How to Make Massage Oil with Grocery Store Items


Your massage oil is only limited by imagination and your preference to the feel of the oils. You can use any oil by itself or combined with one or more oils. If you prefer, you can add a drop or two of essential oil or oils to add a delicate scent.


I like to combine Almond, Safflower, and Grapeseed oils in equal amounts. Place into a plastic bottle or other container and gently shake.


If you prefer a lighter feeling oil, add 1 cup Safflower oil, 1/2 cup of Almond oil and or 1/2 cup of Grapeseed oil.


Other oil suggestions are Sesame oil and Olive oil Although Olive oil is very nourishing to skin, it does have an odor.


You can add one or more drops of essential oil to your massage oil. Start will only one drop and stir or shake to combine the oils. Essential oils are very concentrated and you do not want to over power the scent. Essential lemon oil, orange oil, or grapefruit oil will provide an uplifting and refreshing scent. Rose or Ylang Ylang essential oil give a sensual romantic aroma to the massage. Peppermint or Spearment essential oil will be cooling, tingling, and uplifting. Euculyptus essential oil is wonderful for colds and congestion. Essential oils can be purchased at health food stores or order online.