How to Make Silver Nasal Spray


Strip the free end of the power supply cord. Attach one alligator clip to each wire by running wire through the hole on the end. Wrap the wire several times to ensure a good connection.


Attach one silver electrode to each wire by clipping with the alligator clip. Pour distilled water into the glass jar. Fill the jar within 1 inch from the top.


Bend the silver electrodes about 1 or 2 inches from the alligator clip to make a lip on which to rest the electrode. Insert the electrodes into the water, and rest the lip on the edge of the jar. Be sure the alligator clips are not touching the water, and that the electrodes are not touching each other.


Plug the power supply into the wall outlet. Let the colloidal silver generator run until the water starts to change color. The time for this varies based on the amount of water, voltage of the power supply, and the size of the silver electrodes.


Unplug the power supply when the colloidal sliver is finished, and remove the electrodes. Detach the silver from the alligator clips to store the parts.


Pour the colloidal silver into your nasal spray container. Close tightly and label. Use as directed by your practitioner.