How to Prepare for Meditation


Be consistent for the time you choose to meditate at. The best time has been noted as being in the morning after you wake up and before you begin your day because the mind is clear and the body is rested.


Create a tranquil and serene atmosphere before meditation by doing anything that will relax you such as deep breathing, calming music, reading something enlightening, etc.


Wear clean and comfortable loose-fitting clothing.


Select a comfortable spot or area and use it each time you meditate. Make this a very special place. However, do not turn it into a ritual. Let the atmosphere influence your being.


Posture should be erect and straight, yet relaxed so that there is no strain. A cross-legged lotus position is the traditional style but you can also meditate while sitting up straight in a chair with your hands on your thighs if you prefer.


Make sure you will not be disturbed while meditating. You may become distracted and lose the state of mind you are pursuing.


Meditate when you are wide-awake and not after having just eaten a meal because you may become quite sleepy and pass out.


If you are new to meditation, begin with shorter sessions such as 15 minutes and try to prolong them as time goes on to possibly an hour or more. However, if possible, do not think of the time but try to go on for as long as you feel comfortable.