How to Stop Spring Sniffles and Coughs without Taking Pills


Buy a small 1.5 oz bottle of saline nasal moisturizing spray, containing 0.65% sodium chloride. The manufacturer adds a bit of phenylcarbinol and benzalkonium chloride as preservatives. Using just the saline spray several times a day during any season will aid in helping you to breathe freely.


Obtain an empty 1.5 oz bottle with a pump-activated spray top; the pump sprayer works the best for throats because you can aim it better. Before re-filling the empty bottle, be sure to wash it and the sprayer very well with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Fill the container with the saline/essential oils concoction and use the pump sprayer on your throat to relieve persistent coughs.


Buy a 15 ml bottle of the essential oil combination mentioned above. The individual ingredients in this mixture were demonstrated at Weber State University as early as 1997 to have potent anti-microbial effects. The saline solution and the essential oil combination moisturize sinus cavities while relieving and alleviating nasal stuffiness and throat irritation. For me, the blend sooths and stops my symptoms almost instantly.


Add one to a few drops of the essential oil combination to a full bottle of the saline solution. If tolerated, use 2-3 drops for the best effect. Use separate bottles for nasal and throat applications. By using this blend, I have been able to get through the flu/cold and allergy seasons without succumbing to sickness. The 1.5 ounces last about a month with several applications per day. See the caution advice below.

Tips and Warnings

  • As with any over-the-counter preparation, consult your physician especially if you want your kids to use the saline spray with the essential oil combination. Because the essential oils combination is 100% pure, it is strong and requires caution when using it in a nasal preparation. The 2-3 drops works wonders for me, but may be too strong for other people.