How to Use Aloe Vera for Skin Care Treatment


One of the basic properties of aloe vera is its amazing hydrating properties. For this reason, winter time skin care often incorporates the use of the plant. The skin can get extremely dry in winter which can lead to problems such as flaking skin and cracks in the skin. To keep the skin supple, besides a proper routine to hold moisture, the use of the plant can be extremely beneficial. The gel may be directly applied such that the skin benefits from the aloe vera gel. The gel could be applied all over, although people prefer to wash it off in some time, since the aloe vera plant tends to leave a sticky trail at times.


Do remember that you can combine the pulp of aloe vera with other natural remedies. It has also been used in skin care, when it comes to skin problems such as minor scratches and burns.


People use the plant for facial care, since it seems to help with different skin care problems that crop up on the face. Topical applications could help even when it comes to certain skin disease, such as psoriasis. It has a soothing effect so the aloe vera gel can also be used when your skin feels itchy or if it feels mildly inflamed.

Tips and Warnings

  • To use the plant, it would be advisable to break off a fresh aloe vera leaf, usually just near the base. Since the plant is easy to grow, cultivating it for skin care use can be a good idea. This ensures you a fresh supply of the aloe vera gel, which can do wonders for your skin.
  • Any knife might be used to slice off the leaf, which must then be sliced such that scooping the gel becomes simpler. As a potted plant, this versatile aloe plant would require some portion of your house which has warmth.
  • However, one must be very careful while handling the aloe vera gel and applying it, since it would be best not to apply it directly when there is an open wound. There are chances of dirt traces from the aloe leaf or plant getting into the wound.