How to Use a Mini Vaporizer


Break the medication by hand into small bits the size of a peppercorn or smaller, but not into a powder.


Set the Temperature Control on the vaporizer. Below the digital readout on the vaporizer are two buttons--one to raise the temperature, and one to lower it. The suggested temperature should be set at 410 F.


Press the On button, which begins heating the unit. Heating can take from two to five minutes. A red light beside the readout indicates the unit is heating. When it reaches the preset temperature, the green light will go on.


Twist the top cap counterclockwise and pull it out.


Insert medication into the exposed chamber and replace the top cap. The chamber can hold more than a gram of medication, but half a gram or less should suffice for most people.


Attach the clear plastic tubing and the mouthpiece.


Inhale through the mouthpiece. A stream of vapor may be visible in the tube. When vaporized at lower temperatures, vapor may not be visible. Once you can no longer taste the medication, you can assume the vaporization is complete.


Turn the vaporizer off after use. Let it cool before putting it in your pocket or purse.

Tips and Warnings

  • Prior to its first use, set the vaporizer temperature to 350 F, turn it on and let it sit for 10 minutes. This will burn off any residual oils left over from the manufacturing process.
  • The use of medical marijuana is legal only in certain states in the United States; check the state laws before using medical marijuana. Even where it is legal, a doctor's prescription is needed, and the user is required to carry a medical marijuana card whenever carrying or using medication. The sale or gift of medical marijuana to one who does not have a prescription is a crime.