How to get rid of pesky head lice! EASY CHEAP GUARANTEED


Okay you've finally admitted you can't get rid of these head lice and may have spent a small fortune by now. You're going to be glad you came by here then! My way is easy, cheap, and well it works!


Step 1, don't freak out. They're just little bugs that want to live. lol Okay they are really gross and you feel dirty even having to read this. Onward...


You can wash your hair or do this dry, it doesn't much matter. I like to use mayonnaise, some people like (soft or hard) oil, lotion, cream, or like my sister in law even used vaseline.

Just remember you still have to get this OUT of your child's hair when the time is up. Some people despise the smell of mayo but it doesn't bother me much as its all wrapped up in clear wrap or a shower cap anyway.

I like to do this at bedtime, because lice have a built in survival mechanism and can survive up to 8 hours of being suffocated. They actually go into a comatose state. So I do it for 10 hours to make sure! If you do this at bedtime its not hard at all. The time just flies by!

Take your ingredient and put it in your child's hair covering all of it. Now take clear wrap (the kind you cover your food with) or a shower cap (just get one from the buck store) and cover your child's hair. If I'm using clear wrap I will apply some wide, clear, tape around the perimeter of where the tape is to secure it.

Place a towel on their pillow in case the wrap comes off in the night. No biggie if it does.

In the morning, when your 10 hours are up you will want to take just a DROP of your dish washing detergent WITH your shampoo to help get out what you put in. Wash at least twice!

Now in a week you will do this 1 more time to get the eggs your ingredient couldn't kill! If you have them real bad then do it again in 1 more weeks time.

See, its not hard just a tad time consuming. But its the easiest, cheapest way to get rid of them. You don't have to buy chemicals, you don't have to take a lice comb for hours on end. Don't do it! You don't have to! My way is better!

Tips and Warnings

  • quit sending your kids to where they're picking up head lice!
  • if you won't quit sending your kids there then at least put vinegar in their hair before they go. Lice hate vinegar.
  • I've also read diatomaceous earth (found at the health food store, write it down and take it in, they'll know immediately what you're looking for) works. Don't worry DE is used for many, many things. They won't know you're using it for head lice!
  • don't let your little one eat what ever ingredient you put on their head! eww