Is Sam-E Safe to Treat Teenage Depression?


SAM-e is naturally found in the body. It supports the immune system, maintains cell membranes and helps produce brain chemicals.


SAM-e is a treatment for mild to moderate depression. SAM-e tends not to have the side effects that antidepressant medications have, such as headaches, sleeplessness and sexual dysfunction. SAM-e works more quickly than antidepressant medications. In most circumstances it is considered a safe treatment for teenage depression.

Side Effects

SAM-e side effects include dry mouth, nausea, gas, diarrhea, anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Do not take at bedtime.


Large doses of SAM-e can cause mania, so it is not recommended if a patient is bipolar. It may make mania episodes worse.

Drug Interactions

SAM-e interacts with antidepressant medications. It can cause headaches, accelerated heart rate, anxiety and restlessness.