Medicinal Properties of Artemisia Pontica

Artemisia pontica, also known as small absinthe or Roman wormwood, is part of the Asteraceae plant family and is best known for its use in the making of absinthe, though it also has medicinal properties.


All types of wormwood were used in ancient cultures for deworming humans and animals. The Greeks and the Aztecs used varieties of artemisia, including Artemisia pontica, for this purpose. Wormwood derives its name from this medicinal property.

Stomach Relief

Ancient cultures used Artemisia pontica to prevent and cure indigestion because of its ability to neutralize stomach acid. It was also used to prevent gas and nausea. Wormwoods in general were also thought to act as appetite stimulants.


Some herbalists claim that various types of wormwood, including Artemisia pontica, relieve symptoms of gout because of their ability to counteract water retention.

Liver Cleansing

Artemisia pontica was traditionally thought to help strengthen and cleanse the liver, and is still used by herbalists for liver cleansing and to prevent liver damage.