Natural Remedy for Dry Itchy Eyes

Cold Compress

A cold compress can help to reduce swelling and sooth irritation. There are several easy things you can do to soothe your irritated eyes such as using cold cucumber slices, chilled chamomile tea bags, or ice packs wrapped in a terrycloth wash cloth. Lay your head back, apply the compress and rest your eyes for at least 15 minutes for maximum benefits.

Eye Wash

A homemade eye wash can be a cheap and easy way to ease the pain and itching in the eyes. To make an eye wash, boil one cup of distilled water and one teaspoon of salt. Simmer until salt is completely dissolved. Let it cool completely then flush the eyes with the solution. Another solution is to bring two green tea bags with one cup of water to a boil and then let cool completely. Flush eyes with water and green tea mixture up to two times per day. It is very important to only use distilled water when making an eye wash and to always let the solution cool completely before flushing eyes. These solutions should be kept in an air tight container in the refrigerator for no more than two days to avoid bacteria growth.

Common Triggers

Smoke, smog and dry air are common causes of dry eyes. Also, if you have dry eyes because of allergies, it is important to stay away from the triggers that cause your allergies to flair up. Try making a conscience effort to blink regularly. Some people get dry eyes because they stare at the computer monitor too long or spend too long playing video games without blinking. Take regular breaks from the television, computer screen, video games, driving or anything else that you have to strain your eyes for long periods of time. Resting your eyes is an important part of replenishing moisture and tear production in the eyes. Sometimes hair products and skin oils can make their way into the eyes. Fight back by wiping your eyes with a moist paper towel or cloth each time you happen to wash your hands.