Natural Treatment for Removal of Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter

Apply cocoa butter every day on the area where the stretch marks appear to help minimize and remove them. Use cocoa butter as often as you need to get rid of stretch marks.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil or cream can help reduce stretch marks naturally. Rub it on your breasts, hips, thighs, belly and anywhere else stretch marks are noticeable to help eliminate them.

Pure mink oil

Use 100% pure mink oil to get rid of stretch marks naturally. Apply the mink oil twice a day where stretch marks are visible.

Vitamin A moisturizer

Vitamin A moisturizer may help enhance the growth of new skin cells and may also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks when normal body volume is lost. Apply and massage Vitamin A to the area where stretch marks are visible and even after they are gone to prevent them from returning.


Exercise your leg muscles every day to help eliminate the appearance of stretch marks. Do twenty leg raises with both legs every day and/or night. Doing these exercises may help minimize stretch marks on the legs and hips.