Naturist Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

During an Asthma Attack

While most sufferers of bronchial asthma turn to their inhalers during an asthmatic episode, there are natural alternatives. These alternatives could be useful not only if you are allergic to or weary of prescription inhaled medications, but also if you happen to misplace your inhaler. One such alternative simply requires a jar of honey. If you are having a bronchial asthma attack, inhaling deeply with your nostrils over an opened jar of honey will help ease your breathing. Rubbing a mixture of mustard oil and a bit of camphor (an aromatic, crystalline substance found in some essential oils) on your back during an attack could aid breathing. Another naturist treatment for bronchial asthma attacks is to inhale over a pot of boiling water containing caraway seeds. These treatments have not been proven in any scientifically tested manner, so speak with your doctor or health care provider before altering your current treatment plan.

Preventative Measures

Part of coping with bronchial asthma is learning how to reduce the frequency and intensity of asthmatic attacks. Natural preventative techniques include warming up (stretching and jogging) prior to any rigorous exercise, exercising in a humid environment (such as near a pond), breathing through your nose (which helps warm incoming air) and covering your nose and mouth when exercising in the cold. Staying in shape also will help reduce symptoms.

Herbal Remedies

There are also herbal remedies you can take that might help minimize your asthmatic symptoms. The herbs ginger, cloves, garlic, turmeric powder, licorice root, radish, Spiegel seed, fenugreek seeds, linseed and black pepper can all be used to treat bronchial asthma. In addition, drinking heated and diluted borax (a white mineral found in salt deposits), as well as the juice from lemons, pomegranates, and grapes (including raisins) have been recommended for treating the condition.