Oral Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy


At the basis of hydrogen peroxide therapy is the theory that this natural treatment can be safely introduced into the body orally or intravenously, in varied concentrations, for the treatment of numerous conditions. Supporters argue that hydrogen peroxide is already produced within the body at the cellular level, so there are no foreign bodies being introduced. Opponents claim that ingesting hydrogen peroxide can cause tissue and organ damage.


Oral hydrogen peroxide therapy involves the ingestion, or drinking of, a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. According to Dr. David G. Williams, editor of "Alternatives" newsletter, growing evidence has shown that this alternative remedy works wonders on a host of health problems. It does so by increasing the oxygen levels within the body's tissues and stimulating enzyme systems that help manage all the other body systems, from respiratory to digestive.


According to Dr. Williams, food-grade 35 percent hydrogen peroxide is the only grade recommended for internal use. Still, extreme caution must be used when handling hydrogen peroxide in concentrations above 12 percent. A 35 percent solution is highly corrosive and should be safely stored in a freezer, clearly labeled and kept out of children's reach. At this concentration level it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Consult with a doctor experienced in hydrogen peroxide therapy rather than attempting to treat yourself. Doctors experienced in the use of this type of therapy know the proper dilution ratios to use.

The hydrogen peroxide you buy at the drug or grocery store is not food grade and typically contains other chemicals called stabilizers that are not safe to ingest.


Conditions for which conventional medicine offers little help have been shown to respond well to hydrogen peroxide therapy. Although most conditions seem to respond best to oral ingestion, emphysema seems to respond best to intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy.

A host of conditions can be helped with hydrogen peroxide therapy, from allergies and headaches to life-threatening diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Even food allergies, yeast infections and type II diabetes have shown response to the increased blood oxygenation from oral hydrogen peroxide therapy, as has multiple sclerosis.


There are several hydrogen peroxide products now being marketed for oral hydrogen peroxide therapy. A number of products are simply hydrogen peroxide mixed with aloe vera, sea minerals, inner tree bark or other ingredients and flavored to make them more palatable.