Orovo Detox & Lipovox

The Ten Super Foods

Dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone appeared on the November 10, 2004 Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss the benefits of green tea as an anti-oxidant and "Ten Super Foods" that are rich in essential (good) fatty acids, anti-oxidants and fiber. He believed using green tea and the "Super Foods" helped reverse aging, lowered blood sugar levels and promoted good health. The ten foods included: garlic, buckwheat, alfalfa sprouts, barley, flaxseed, lactobacillus acidophilus (from yogurt or kefir), soybean extract, wheat grass, cayenne pepper (capsaicin) and Brazilian acai.

Orovo Diet Pills and Orovo Detox

After the show aired, the wife of Orovo's CEO tried green tea and the ten super foods and found them effective for weight loss and as a treatment for skin problems. As a result, Orovo diet pills were formulated, using all ten super foods and green tea. The manufacturer claims that, used as directed, Orovo will help you lose ten pounds in seven days, reduce signs of aging up to 90 percent, clear up skin conditions and re-energize you.

Orovo Detox claims that toxins in the body create weight gain, skin problems and aging and that using Orovo Detox can reverse the effects of these toxins. Orovo Detox uses the "Ten Super Food" ingredients found in Orovo diet pills and adds 31 natural detoxification agents, including green tea, alpha lipoic acid, dimethylaminoethaneol (DMAE) and idebenone.


Lipovox was also came into being because of the "Ten Super Foods" episode on Oprah. According to its website, a Hawaiian college student saw the show and successfully used the green tea and the Ten Super Foods to lose weight and clear up his skin. He then worked with a manufacturer to create Lipovox, a supplement using the same ten ingredients and green tea mentioned by Dr. Perricone. Lipovox claims to have weight loss, re-energizing and anti-aging properties.

Comparing Orovo Detox and Lipovox

Green tea and the "Ten Super Foods" are beneficial for your body's health. But despite what both manufacturers say in their literature about the benefits of Orovo Detox and Lipovox, no scientific studies, research or evidence other than customer testimonials proves that the ingredients contained in either supplement offer the same exact benefits as eating the actual "Super Foods" as part of a healthy diet and drinking green tea. In terms of content, the only real difference between the two is that Orovo Detox contains an extra "31 natural detoxification" ingredients. Both contain green tea and the "Ten Super Foods" in supplement form.

Price Comparison

One difference between the supplements seems to be a matter of price. Lipovox is less expensive and its regimen requires you to take fewer pills. Orovo Detox requires you to take four pills twice a day for seven days. A bottle costs $43.99 and contains 28 capsules, so you need two bottles to complete the seven-day requirement. In comparison, you only take one to three pills twice a day of Lipovox and a bottle costs $29.99 for 60 capsules. A justification for the higher price could be found in the additional 31 anti-oxidant ingredients in Orovo Detox's formulation.