The Best Massage Tools

Massage can help you relax, relieves stress, and provides health benefits, such as reducing lactic and uric acid and other metabolic wastes in the muscle tissues. Massage can improve circulation, help heal muscles, and improve your general wellbeing. Performing massage is not difficult and requires few tools. Several types of massage exist, including Swedish, shiatsu, medical, physiotherapeutic, and sports massage. They can all help you feel better and benefit your health.


Human hands are the most effective massage tool. Using them is the best way to determine the level of pressure that an individual finds most relaxing. If the recipient has tight muscles in his back or neck, the masseuse can adjust the pressure of her hands to either loosen or soothe the tight muscles.

Massage Lotion or Oil

Using massage lotion or oil helps the masseur's hands glide over the recipient's muscles and skin. The masseur can warm the solution between his hands or with a warmer to make the benefits of massage even more relaxing and soothing. The masseur can wear a waist holster for the lotion or oil container; this allows him to use it whenever needed. Many holsters also keep the oil warm.

Table or Other Support

The professional masseuse needs a massage table. Tables are adjustable and can be portable or stationary. Many masseuses travel to their clients' homes and therefore need a portable model. If the masseuse is not a professional, a bed or other flat surface is sufficient. Other types of support tools are stools or massage chairs, which enable different types of massage.

Linens and Towels

Plenty of clean sheets and towels are necessary for a proper massage. The masseur may hold the sheet up over his own face while the client removes his robe and positions himself on the table. Otherwise, he waits outside the room until the client is ready. Typically, the masseuse uncovers only the body part he's massaging at the moment. The rest of the body remains covered for the client's warmth and modesty. The masseur uses towels to clean supplies, wipe his hands, and position the client, as with a rolled towel beneath the neck.


Pillows are necessary to make the client comfortable. They can be put under the head and knee when the client lies face up or under the hips, feet, or other areas when the client is face down.

Handheld Tools

Handheld massage tools can save the masseuse's hands from strain and fatique. She can palpate the muscles to locate a tense area and then use a wooden, rubber, or plastic tool to manipulate the pressure point. These tools often have textured or nubby edges to stimulate skin and muscles.