What Are the Benefits of Glossy Ganoderma?

Tumors and Cancer

Glossy ganoderma mushrooms have beneficial effect on tumors and certain cancers.

Viruses and Bacteria

Due to containing ganodermic acid, glossy ganoderma mushrooms have anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Glossy ganoderma mushrooms can lower blood pressure and cholesterol by inhibiting platelet aggregation.


Also due to its ganodermic acid, glossy ganoderma mushrooms may protect the liver from viruses.


Due to an alleged weight loss benefit, glossy ganoderma mushrooms are sold as weight loss supplements.


According to the Pen-ts'ao Kang-mu (1600s Chinese medical text), the glossy ganoderma "... cures the accumulation of pathogenic factors in the chest. It is good for the Qi of the head, including mental activities... Long term consumption will lighten the body; you will never become old. It lengthens years."