What Are the Benefits of Vinca Major Extract?

Vinca major is a trailing evergreen vine with distinctive blue blossoms. It may be growing in your flowerbeds under the common name of large periwinkle. Native to Europe and Asia, the plant has historically served as a popular folk remedy for a variety of ills. Research has proven that the extract made from the seeds of Vinca major, known as vinpocetine, is effective in treating vascular diseases and brain-centered ailments.

Astringent Benefits

Vinca major extract has astringent (drying) properties that can be helpful in easing bleeding. Heavy menstrual flow, nose bleeds, bleeding gums, and colitis (inflammation and bleeding of the colon) are some of the conditions that may respond to a course of Vinca major herbal supplements.

Vascular Benefits

In one scientific study by Solti, Iskum and Czako, patients who ingested vinpocetine (Vinca major extract) showed improved blood flow and relief from such conditions as hypertensive encephalopathy (cerebral swelling caused by severe, sudden rises in blood pressure), intermittent vascular cerebral insufficiency (not enough blood flow to the brain), and cerebral arteriosclerosis (reduced blood flow to the brain caused by clogged arteries). Improved blood flow facilitated by Vinca major therapy also benefits eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration, and inner ear problems, such as loss of balance. Vinpocetine also may reduce the frequency of strokes.

Oxygenating Benefits

In 1990, a study of the oxygenating effects of vinpocetine by scientists Tohgi, Sasaki, Chiba and Nozaki substantiated the claim that the Vinca major extract stimulates the blood to release more oxygen to the brain cells. More oxygen benefits brain activity and enhances the vascular benefit in treating some forms of dementia, including Binswanger's and Alzheimer's.

Cognitive Enhancement

British researcher Bhatti Hindmarch concludes from a study on the effects of vinpocetine on short-term memory that the Vinca major extract does measurably improve subjects' short-term memory. A second study completed by Hindmarch and Coleston, in which participants underwent testing on their retention of numbers and letters, substantiates the conclusion that vinpocetine has a positive benefit on short-term memory. Vinca major extract, by facilitating increased blood flow to the brain plus enhanced oxygen infusion in the brain tissue, enhances the brain's performance.