What Can Naturally Produce More Testosterone?

Saw Palmetto

Drugs.com reports that the popular herb saw palmetto elevates testosterone levels in men. Saw palmetto is included in many herbal formulas designed to support prostate health and sexual response.

Tongkat Ali

According to a 2003 report in the medical journal Phytomedicine, the aphrodisiac tongkat ali increased testosterone levels in male rats.


A popular alternative to anabolic steroids, Tribulus terrestris may help to increase muscle strength and sexual vitality. However, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology reported in 2005 that it has only a negligible impact on testosterone levels.


Zinc, an important mineral in human nutrition, helps to regulate the production of testosterone. Supplements containing zinc can increase testosterone levels in some men, particularly those with a diagnosed mineral deficiency.


The Sydney Morning Herald reported in March, 2005 that oysters, traditionally associated with fertility, contain two rare amino acids that increase testosterone levels in men. Oysters and mussels are also an excellent source of zinc.