Wintergreen Remedies

Wintergreen is a perennial that is native to the eastern regions of North America. It grows 5 to 6 inches tall, has white droopy flowers, and produces red berries in June and July. Wintergreen oil is extracted from the leaves and it contains methyl salicylate, which has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is used in many remedies to treat arthritis, pain and other ailments, according to Organic Facts, Herbal Gram and Natural Holistic Health's websites.


Wintergreen oil will absorb through the skin when rubbed directly on the painful spot. The methyl salicylate in the wintergreen will numb the pain and increase blood circulation.

Stress and Tension

Wintergreen oil will drive away stress and tension, according to Organic Facts. A deep tissue body massage using wintergreen oil will help to relax your body and let you get a good night's rest. Anodyne, found in wintergreen oil, will eliminate pain and help you relax.

Muscle Spasms

The stimulating and relaxing effect of this oil fights spasms in muscular, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. The oil, once massaged into the body, will get into the bloodstream and give relief from all body spasms.


Wintergreen oil can be used as an astringent to tighten your skin. Once massaged onto the face (make sure not to get into your eyes), it induces contractions. The contractions of the muscles in your face will cause the skin to tighten. Do not put it around your mouth and never take this oil orally.


Once in the bloodstream 9after being rubbed on the skin), wintergreen oil will stimulate organs in the urinary system. This will increase frequency and quantity of urine. This effect is of great help because it will rid your body of toxins by removing excess water, fat and salt your body does not need. Diuretics aid in weight loss and keep your urinary system clear while preventing stones.

Other Remedies

Wintergreen essential oil is used to treat snake bites, dog bites, stings of insects, sores and ulcers. Because of its warming effects, it is also used to counter obstructed blood circulation caused by frostbite and very low temperatures.


The essential oil of wintergreen is highly poisonous and should never be ingested or taken internally. If accidentally ingested, it can cause severe damage to internal organs. If ingested you should seek medical attention immediately. Excess external application is also not recommended.